Hello Shibes!

The Shibe Mint is proud to announce our first 2021 coin offering, and our first pure (99.9% fine silver) silver coin since the 2014 original silver coin! We weren’t able to make all that many for this batch, and our first batch is now sold out (500 of total mintage of 2500). We are working on cooking up the next batch, once we get close to being able to get them out the door, we will put more up for sale on the site. For everyone who ordered from batch one, your orders should all be out the door, and thanks for your patronage! We are still actively making a lower cost copper coin that will be coming out around the end of May. All product releases are announced here, as well as on Twitter (@ShibeMint).

If you have any questions, or any thoughts for us, please drop us a line at shibemint@gmail.com. We’ve added some new information about our previously released coins, in case you were wondering, or just wanted to see what we have previously made.


Director, Shibe Mint