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Physical Dogecoin – 2021 Pure Silver Edition


In stock, available for sale.   Orders generally ship out in 2-3 business days.

So shiny.  Such silver.  Wow.

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The Shibe Mint is happy to release a new silver coin for the first time since 2014!  

Each coin is made of an ounce of bullion quality silver (99.9%), struck with a mirror proof finish.   These high value items will require more expensive tracked shipping.   International tracked shipping has a placeholder amount of $40 (ick, I hate to even type that), once we get a final price to your country, if it is less than that, we will give you some money back!  Limit of 10 coins per household.   Previous coins in this series have seriously appreciated in value*    Coin is dated 2021 – a key year in the history of Dogecoin!


  • Beautifully struck on an ounce of pure, bullion quality silver (99.9% or 0.999).
  • Each silver physical dogecoin comes encased in a solid plastic capsule.
  • Includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Each coin also comes with a Dogecoin themed sticker, for adhesive goodness
  • Denominated as 100 Dogecoins
  • Limited Edition:  The Shibe Mint will produce no more than 2500 of this product.   Once they are gone, we will not make any more of this coin!

We accept payment via DOGE, BTC, and Paypal (Paypal does take a credit card if you don’t have Paypal).

The final inventory release of the 2021 Silver Dogecoin.   In stock, available for sale.

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Note for *:  There are no guarantees of future performance of this collectable item.   We’re just saying some of the last ones have gone up quite a lot, in particular the silver one!

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Pure silver (0.999)

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