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Physical Dogecoin – 2021 24kt Gold Plated Copper Edition


The most golden of all of our coins!   In stock, available for ordering.

So golden.  Such shine.  Wow.

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Most true to the coloration of the Dogecoin logo, the Shibe Mint is proud to introduce the 2021 24kt gold plated physical Dogecoin.   Impress your friends and family, be the first to have a 2021 gold plated Dogecoin, and show off your shibe pride.   Common uses for the gold plated physical dogecoin:  displaying shibe pride, making a small pyramid, starting a conversation about dogecoin vis a vis the moon, making 50/50 type decisions, inspiration/luck, a gift for a Dogecoin enthusiast that would look like you spent more than you did, used as a heavy throwing weight for cardboard disc stacking games, attracting the right kind of potential mates.


  • Beautifully struck on a AVDP ounce of gold plated pure copper, where the plating occurs before the strike, to preserve the details
  • Each gold plated physical dogecoin comes encased in a solid plastic capsule
  • Includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Each coin will ship with a dogecoin themed sticker, for adhesive Shibe goodness
  • Limited Edition:  The Shibe Mint will produce no more than 2500 of this product.   Once they are gone, we will not make any more of this coin.

We accept payment via DOGE, BTC, and Paypal (Paypal does take a credit card if you don’t have Paypal).

In stock, coins generally ship out every 2-3 days.

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Gold plated pure copper

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1 AVDP oz