Hello Shibes!

We are pre-sold out of everything we’re almost done making! This is madness. There are still 1000 more silver coins, and 3000 more copper coins that we are able to make and sell, so you too will still have an opportunity to buy a Shibe Mint coin at retail prices! We do announce all inventory releases on Twitter (@ShibeMint), and will open those up for pre-order once we have a good idea when we can get them out the door. Our primary focus right now is to finish what we have sold and get it out the door.

It’s been a crazy month for Dogecoin, and interest in our products is very high! Thank you to everyone who has purchased, or sent in a note asking for when we will have more. It is very encouraging to us as a small business to see that people enjoy our products. We love to see some of the pictures of our coins on Instagram and Twitter – such wow!

If you have any questions, or any thoughts for us, please drop us a line at shibemint@gmail.com. We’ve added some new information about our previously released coins, in case you were wondering, or just wanted to see what we have previously made.


Director, Shibe Mint